21 thoughts on “Birds from Luzon”

  1. Excellent gallery! It would be nice if Filipino children could read/know this instead of endangered species of America.

  2. Wow ! Wow ! Wow ! Amazing shots ! Excellent photography! Tropical birds are exotic and more colorful than many of the birds I have photographed here in Southern California. I am not even an amateur, just a bird enthusiast equipped with a point and shoot camera.

    I’ve so far just viewed the Luzon birds. I know I will be just as excited and amazed when I come back to visit your site next time to view the birds from the rest of the islands.

    Thank you so much !

  3. Is this Malkoha, the sabukot in the local dialect? I can only see the belly part, it has black under belly plumage with reddish, almost maroon colored wings, have not seen its face! Great shot!

  4. Pied Fantail is the maria capra in local dialect? I see them in pairs always, btw, m from nasugbu, batangas! There are still plenty of them here!

  5. The Sabukot is a Coucal, maybe a Philippine Coucal or a Lesser Coucal. THey are related to the Malkohas…

  6. Hi. I’m from Morong, Rizal near Antipolo City. I have seen 2 little birds in our garden this morning, collecting nectar on our orchids. I was amazed because i never seen it before. At first I thought it was a hummingbird that’s why I searched it on the internet.

    Thanks for this site.

  7. we know more about other countries wildlife thru discovery and natgeo… this site is an opener to our own biodiversity

  8. hi, can i ask something about this pied fantail, i’m from san cristobal, san pablo city, laguna, we have many kinds of birds in our province and i’m very luck that around our community most of these birds display their elegance naturaly, i wonder if this pied fantail differs their colour according to their gender? coz i saw at least 10 of these fantails in our backyard and they have differrent colors, pale brown and dark metallic blue…. i just wonder so i ask… thanks

  9. maybe they are different birds karlon. pied fantail is blackish brown only, maybe the metallic blue that you saw was a balicassiao, a type of drongo. thanks for looking at our website!

  10. Hi Ralf,

    Thanks for checking out our galleries. Unfortunately, we do not have an online database for Philippine bird calls. You may visit http://www.xeno-canto.org for their excellent database of bird songs. Just search for Philippine birds and all recordings done in the Philippines will pop out. Hope this helps.

  11. Thank you for this site! Been looking forever for the name of a little bird in saw on a manzanita tree on a beach in Samal Island. Now I know it’s called the Red – keeled Flowerpecker, thanks to birding Philippines =)

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