Meet our guides!

nicky icarangal
Nicky while birding in Mt. Polis, Banaue, Luzon

Nicky Icarangal is Birding Adventure Philippines’ President and lead bird guide. Nicky has had extensive experience leading birding trips for private individuals and groups as well as for tour operators such as Kingbird Tours, BIRDQUEST, Tropical Birding and Tim Fisher’s tours. A veteran birder himself, Nicky knows his birds. He is recognized for his talent for spotting birds and patience in calling in elusive endemics such as pittas, shamas and tailorbirds. His experience in leading tours, his keenness as a birder and his easy-going nature has made Nicky very popular with both his local and foreign clients.






guide, birding philippines
Adri in the mountains of Hamut, Northern Sierra Madre, Luzon


Adrian “Adri” Constantino is a guide at Birding Adventure Philippines and the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines for birders looking for our gorgeous endemics. Adri also volunteers as a guide for public guided bird walks to encourage birding as a hobby and to promote conservation among Filipinos. His love for travel has brought him to different places and has given him extensive experience in birdwatching in Luzon, Palawan, Bohol, and Mindanao. His training as a Molecular Biologist and the abundance of green spaces in the workplace has helped him with his birding skills: being observant and taking notes of bird details, behavior and bird calls. He is an avid nature photographer and an outdoor enthusiast, being one not only with the birds, but also with insects, butterflies, plants and other wildlife. He manages Birding Adventure Philippines’ images, videos and the website at



Alex Tiongco, guide
Alex looking out for raptors at Mt. Makiling, Laguna, Luzon


Having grown up on Mindanao during its pioneering days Alex Tiongco is naturally close to nature. He had been in the practice of Law until recently when he was introduced into the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines where he spent all his spare time bird-watching. Eventually, he was appointed one of the guides of the Club. He is now in semi-retirement to do what he likes best and is part of the logistics team of Birding Adventure Philippines. He also doubles as a secondary guide during tours when needed and is experienced in birding in Luzon, Palawan, Bohol and Mindanao..