A feeding Mindanao Montane Racquet-tail [HD]

This is a Mindanao Montane Racquet-tail (Prioniturus montanus waterstradti) digiscoped feeding in the excellent mountains of Mt. Kitanglad Range Natural Park in Bukidnon, Northern Mindanao, Philippines. It is one of the six endemic racquet-tail parrots of the Philippines. This parrot is restricted to the high elevation mountains usually above 1000 meters of Mindanao. Previously lumped with Montane Racquet-tail, recent studies split this species into two: Luzon Montane Racquet-tail and Mindanao Montane Racquet-tail.

Racquet-tail parrots are characterized by the extra elongated black shafts that end with blue black spatules or “rackets.” Immature birds have very short or no rackets. Often seen in flight and given away by their noisy, raucous calls.

Mindanao Montane Racquet-tail, Prioniturus montanus waterstradtii
Mt. Kitanglad Range Natural Park, Bukidnon, Mindanao, Philippines
Video by Nicky Icarangal, JR.
Digiscoped with a Swarovski ATM 80 HD, Canon Poweshot S100 with Swarovski Universal Camera Adapter.


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