Blue-capped Wood Kingfisher

This is one of the toughest kingfishers in the Philippines, Blue-capped Wood Kingfisher, an endemic that can be found both in the lowland and montane forests of Mindanao. Like its cousin from Luzon and Negros, the Spotted Wood Kingfisher, the Blue-capped Wood Kingfisher is strictly a forest kingfisher, preferring to perch motionlessly in the dark understory. It is very vocal during dawn and dusk, giving away its loud and stuttering calls similar to the Spotted Wood Kingfisher. Male and female birds look different (or sexually dimorphic), with male birds having a dark blue crown, nape and malar stripe. Female birds have a dark greenish blue cap and nape.

The best place to look for this endemic kingfisher is in Mt. Kitanglad in Bukidnon and in PICOP, Surigao del Sur.

Blue-capped Wood Kingfisher, Actenoides homboni
PICOP, Surigao del Sur, Clips from March 2011 and May 2012

Blue-capped Wood Kingfisherl

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  1. This is wonderful! For me, it was “one that got away” so it is thrilling to see it here. A beautiful bird.

    All best!

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