Digiscoping a common garden bird:
Pied Fantail [HD]

This is a Pied Fantail, a common, garden and urban bird in the Philippines. Locally called maria capra, it is very territorial and has been observed to attack cats, even dogs while protecting its air space. It usually perches on exposed branches and flies out to catch insects on the wing.

This was taken from our backyard, where there is an abundance of insects attracted by the poop from Trinket’s two dogs. A couple of years back, whenever the migratory season is in its full swing and the backyard Brown Shrike arrives (see related story here), this Pied Fantail gets bullied and is relegated to the periphery of the yard. But this season, there are now two of them, and they do not allow the Brown Shrike to lord over the garden. In fact, the perch you’re seeing in the video used to be the favorite perch of the Brown Shrike!

This is one of my early attempts in (video) digiscoping with my new rig: a Swarovski ATM 80 HD, 25-50x eyepiece, Swarovski Universal Camera Adapter (UCA) coupled with a Panasonic GF1 and a 20 mm lens.

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Hope you enjoy this video and happy birding!

— Adri

Pied Fantail, Rhipidura javanica
December 2011, Manila, Philippines

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