White-cheeked Bullfinch [HD]

This White-cheeked Bullfinch Pyrrhula leucogenis is a high elevation Luzon, Negros and Mindanao endemic that favors the canopy and understory of montane forests above 1250 meters. This particular bird was seen feeding by the roadside in the highlands of Mt. Polis, the Cordilleras, Northern Luzon, Philippines last January during our trip with UK-based tour operator BIRDQUEST. The field guide lists this bird as uncommon but it is fairly noisy and conspicuous when feeding on mistletoe (yes, we have mistletoes in the Philippines) and dried sunflowers (just like the Mindanao endemicĀ Red-eared Parrotfinch with picture here and video here.)

White-cheeked Bullfinch, Pyrrhula leucogenis
January 2011, Mt. Polis, the Cordilleras, Northern Luzon, Philippines

Continuation of last post about mistletoes and birds up next. Check it out soon!

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