Mountain Shrike: a camera shy adult and an a preening immature

Here is a video of an adult and an immature Mountain Shrike from Mt. Polis in the Cordilleras of Northern Luzon, Philippines.

The Mountain Shrike (or Grey-capped Shrike) is an uncommon endemic found only in the islands of Luzon, Mindoro and Mindanao. It inhabits montane forests, usually perched conspicuously in clearings and forest edge above 1000 meters. Like most shrikes, it is very aggressive and has been observed impaling its prey on thorny bushes.

The adult bird was videoed November 2010 while the immature bird was videoed July.

Mountain Shrike, Lanius validirostris
July and November 2010

2 thoughts on “Mountain Shrike: a camera shy adult and an a preening immature”

  1. Thanks for viewing Mary Grace. Next time you’re up in the Cordilleras, be sure to look for this bird!

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