A Cinnamon Ibon building a nest!

Check out this video clip of a Cinnamon Ibon clearing out a nest hole during one of our sorties in Mt. Kitanglad

Cinnamon Ibons are high-elevation Mindanao endemics residing in submontane and montane forests above 1000 meters. They are usually seen in mixed feeding flock with Mountain and Black-Masked White-eyes, Black and Cinnamon Fantails, Sulfur-billed Nuthatches, Elegant Tits and other montane flocking birds.

The excellent (and one and only) guidebook “A Guide to the Birds of the Philippines” by Robert Kennedy lists this bird as common yet the nests and eggs of this Mindanao endemic have not been described. This video clip maybe the first documentation of the nest of the Cinnamon Ibon.

This video clip was captured in using a Swarovski 80mm HD scope with the new 25-50x eyepiece mated with a Canon Powershot S95.

Check out our Swarovski Digiscoping Section for more superb stills and videos of Philippine birds.

2 thoughts on “A Cinnamon Ibon building a nest!”

  1. Thanks Johansson, I think this is the first documentation of a nesting Cinnamon Ibon, so we are really excited!

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